Ladies Healing is community where you'll find tools, tips, and resources to help you become happier, healthier and empowered to live the life you want.

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Who is Ladies Healing for? 

Ladies Healing is for women want a space to learn, a community where they can meet new friends, find support and learn new ways to manage life.

This is a place where you can learn, grow and thrive in any area of your life. 

Here's what we offer:  

  • The Ladies Healing Directory is a listing of healing arts professionals who offer services and products that are mind, body and spirit related. 
  • Articles published weekly offering you tips, tools and resources to inspire and empower you. 
  • Looking for a class or workshop? We have a calendar coming soon for you to find online and in-person classes, workshops and events that are focused on learning new skills to empower you to live your best life. 
  • Ladies Healing HUB community - a space just for you to receive inspiration and insight on a regular basis.

You'll find plenty of inspiration, insight, education, and community here.

Healing Comes in Many Forms...

  • A change in perspective
  • Uncovering belief systems that no longer serve you
  • Working through grief - death, relationship, career, decisions made or not made
  • Physical movement
  • Understanding body wisdom
  • Recognizing the vocabulary you use when speaking, thinking and writing
  • Discovering tools that inspire, uncover, empower, create, unleash, motivate
  • Recognizing and developing your intuition
  • Self-awareness
  • Making choices 
  • Finding purpose
  • Recognizing the gifts in all experiences
  • Learning to process emotions and experiences 
  • Self-care
  • Creativity

As you can see, healing isn't about being broken.  It's about recognizing what's going on in our life and then finding what we need to help manage it.  Life is full of experiences, the good and the no-so-good, and what makes the difference is how we manage these experiences.  Ladies Healing is about finding the tools, the resources and the support we need to lead an inspired and purposeful life.

Founder and Facilitator for Ladies Healing

Robin Carlton

Robin is founder and facilitator of Ladies Healing.  She has been facilitating Ladies Healing Day, an in-person event in Phoenix, Arizona since 2014 to offer women a chance to learn, heal, relax and rejuvenate while meeting new like-minded friends. Robin is a Self-Discovery Guide, an intuitive artist and creator of the Enchanted Elementals. The Enchanted Elementals are a key component of this community.  You'll see them throughout offering their support and guidance.  

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