Amanda Marquez



Tarot Reader

Spiritual Awakening Coach


Amanda Marquez started hearing divine voices in 2001. This was the beginning of her Spiritual Awakening and the start of a journey that would lead her to a career helping others to find their purpose and connect with their own psychic abilities. Amanda is in constant contact with the Archangels and her personal Spirit Guides and they work together to reveal healing messages and truths that are pertinent to your life. 

  • Channeling
  • Medium Mentorship
  • Angel Communicator
  • Intuitive Business Coach
  • Spiritual Development Mentor

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See what other's have to say.

There are not words to describe my experience with Amanda. I will try to convey her loving spirit and integrity. She was able to impart guidance and instructions from my guides. To enlighten me as to my gifts and how to improve them. She is charismatic and down to earth. I felt very comfortable and gently held. I would recommend a reading from her whether novice or seasoned instructor. Many blessings.

Connie Smith


Amanda’s psychic abilities are beyond my wildest dreams. She lovingly, directly and gently guided me to the center of my heart and soul. I trust her completely. She is able to answer any question I ask with absolute precision to the point of hilarity- how could she possibly know??? How: Because she holds a loving space and is an authentic channel of Spirit, guides, Angels and family truth. At the same time, she has humility and points me to practices to deepen my relationship with Spirit and strengthen my own gifts to keep growing. She is kind, compassionate and has offered life changing guidance to me.

Judy Huston

Psychic Amanda is truly gifted. She was spot on accurate and was able to answer all my Questions and doubts, she knew exactly what was going on and gave me the hard cold facts, she helped bring peace to my heart and is the best psychic I have ever encountered. I am so thankful for you Amanda you gave me the best reading my heart really needed this.

Fredeliz Montano

Rarely do I ever leave reviews, but I believe Amanda truly has a gift. She has a very pure and genuine soul. I felt her reading was spot on and relevant in my life. Many times, I have felt left empty or not having the full clarity I need after psychic readings, but with Amanda by the end of my reading I felt at peace and ready to tackle the next chapter in my life. Amanda IS the blessing you need in your life!

Lindsey Kupres

Amanda is spot on with her abilities to cover any life inquiries! Knew exactly what I am

Was going through and provided divine guidance.   Such a wonderful reading and leaves you with a driven purpose.  Thank you Amanda!

Teresa Gipson


Wow!!! I had so many unknowns that I knew I had questions but didn’t know how to put into questions.  Amanda dotted every I and crossed every T and I was stunned and excited at how on point she was. So much was on my mind and she answered all the uncertainty I had.  I feel a clearness I hadn’t felt in a long time.  I feel relieved and can breathe now.  Time for me to get moving and shaking to get things done.  She was very professional and genuine.  I can’t wait to schedule another session.  I highly, highly recommend her, you will not be disappointed!

Aracely Olivar

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