Our Bodies, Our Guides

body guide

Guest Post by Katie Shell, Master Aromatherapist

No matter what belief system you follow, we all seem to be able to agree that these bodies exist only here and now. We choose our bodies for a reason, and all we need to walk on this Earth residing within them. However, through years of programming, we are told over and over that  our bodies are wrong, that we need to listen to other people to know how they work, and what they are supposed to be. I invite you to take the steps to listen to the truth within in your own body. 

There is no wrong way to have a body

There is no size, shape, or age that guarantees or prevents health and happiness. Only 5% of those that attempt weight-loss can keep it off for an extended period of time. However, the stress of dieting, and “yo-yo” dieting does cause the body harm. 

Practice mindful and intuitive eating

Remove the judgement on what we choose to eat, so our bodies are able to tell us what they really need.  Eventually we crave less, and feel more fulfilled, and are less likely to indulge just because we can. All of our bodies have different needs, and what works for one person does not work for all. Eat what nourishes your body and soul.

Find joyful movement

Our bodies are made to move, and there is no better way to get in touch with our body’s desires than to follow their lead in how they want to move. Again, no judgment, just listen.

Talk to your body

When you have pain, or stiffness, find a still space and ask your body what it needs. Does it need movement? Does it need stillness? Does it need you to let go of something, or accept something?

Daily Affirmations

Find time everyday in stillness to show yourself love. Try, I am beautiful. I am divine. I am sovereign. I am love. I am loved.

Rely on the gifts of the Earth

The plants, trees, and stones have been here longer than we have. Trust in their wisdom to help guide you on your journey on this planet. Work with practitioners that know them, and can serve as your translator, and teach you how to hear their voices. 

Do the Work

The good news is you have all you need. The bad news is that means only you can do the work to heal yourself. There is no magic pill or guru to do the work for you. They can only serve as tools and guides to assist you on your own path.

            “And this above all else, to thine own self be true.”

If something you are doing is not true to who you are, it will never resonate. If you are doing what is true to you, even if the outcome is not what you planned, you will find yourself at peace.

Katie Shell is an Intuitive Medicinal Aromatherapist and Traditional Usui Reiki practitioner residing in Arizona. She is passionate about helping people to connect to their own healing energies. Katie believes we come into this world with an innate knowing within our bodies, and by listening to our bodies we have the road map for our journey here. Katie began working with WOTE essential oils in 2007 for her family’s physical, spiritual, and emotional well BEing. The voices of the plants and trees continue to call her to move deeper into this heart-based work. Katie’s lifelong work with belly dance to celebrate the bodies of all women, and her more recent work with conscious dance has inspired her unique workshop series Essential Dance. Essential Dance brings guided and free-form dance together with essential oil anointment’s to create deep connections with our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Katie is a priestess and has studied a variety of modalities to enhance her work.  You can learn more by visiting her website here.