Understanding Body Wisdom

body wisdom emotions healing self care

By Robin Carlton

It has been estimated that 90% of all physical problems have psychological roots.  

Research is showing us that almost every illness we encounter is influenced by our emotions.

It's crucial that you take time to listen to your body. It is an extremely important tool for alerting you when a problem is on the horizon.  

Sometimes we don't see the underlying issues we have, but our body knows all.  

For example, it is believed that when we get bronchitis and we are coughing up a storm, our body it telling us that we have unresolved grief to deal with.  Sometimes just acknowledging the grief is all you need to do to heal.  

It's not always about reliving an experience, but more about understanding that you've held on to if far longer than needed.

So when you're feeling something in your body; a pain, an ache, a sore throat, or overall fatigue, etc. - ask your body what's going on.  If you listen, it will tell you.