Debbie Z Almstedt

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Energy Worker

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Debbie offers direct channel guidance and healing energies in addition to channeling Zibu Angelic Symbols.  She creates inspirational jewelry infused with uplifting angelic energies using light language symbols.

Debbie is the author of 3 inspirational books about Zibu and has published the Zibu Affirmation and Oracle Card Deck. She is also a henna artist where she creates angelic energy infused Zibu henna tattoos.


  • Angelic Guidance Readings
  • Zibu Angelic Symbols
  • Zibu Henna Tattoos
  • Jewelry Designer


Zibu Symbols

Zibu Angelic Symbols are graceful fluid symbols used to connect with the love, inspiration and healing energy of the Angels. It is what Debbie likes to call "heavenly shorthand." She began drawing these symbols in 2002 and was subsequently visited by an Angel who explained the symbolic meanings and uses. Debbie wrote a book explaining each of the 88 symbols and she created a Zibu Affirmation and Oracle Deck.

Meet Debbie


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See what other's have to say.

"I just love Debbie’s jewelry! She does quality work and puts love and energy into everything she creates. My reading with her was spot on. I could feel the energy of what she was telling me as she was relaying it to me. I would highly recommend having a reading with her! I have several of her jewelry pieces and I love the look and feel as well as the energetic connection I have when I wear them."

Laura Lees


"I felt the angels working on me during our session and could feel the energy being shifted and transmuted. I felt better and better each day following. I am now pain free in my hip and knee! I thank you from my heart! I am so grateful as I have been dealing with this for over a year! I did yoga today and worked out for just a few minutes which I have not been able to do without pain afterwards. I felt such a loving connection during our session. You are such a blessing to this world. Thank you again."

Bonnie Woods

"I instantly loved the selenite optimum health stone you gave me! I love the way it fits in my hand and traced the symbol with my finger. It really did give me great peace and wellness! I could not possibly imagine a way to improve it."

AJ Cavanagh


"Love the heart earrings and the palm stone. As I am getting ready for today I put my pair of my Optimum Health earrings in. Thank you for all the love and beauty you put in what you and the angels create."

Linda H.

"This deck is truly one of a kind! The grace and beauty of the Zibu symbols add so much loving energy to the messages from the angels. The divine love that pours from the cards is phenomenal."

Tracy M.

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  • Inspiration
  • Zibu Book & Card Deck
  • Unique Hand Crafted Zibu Jewelry