Katie Shell

Spiritual Counselor 

Master Aromatherapist

Intuitive Healer/Reiki Master

Registered Yoga Teacher


Katie teaches you to listen to and love your body. Her primary modalities are essential oils, reiki, and dance/movement. Katie offers consultations, treatments, and a variety of classes and workshops. Our bodies are our best guides and healers, and what Katie does is offer the tools and support to cut out the outside noise and bring you back to your own truth. Katie often draws from many years of studying the cycles of the Earth, moon, and other celestial bodies, herbalism, and crystals to help you on your own journey. She is also a Wisdom of the Earth Medicinal Aromatherapy Certification teacher.

  • Women's Empowerment
  • Aromatherapy Education
  • Anointing Rituals & Ceremony
  • Integration of Body & Spirit
  • Single Source Medicinal Essential Oils
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See what other's have to say.

Katie has such an amazing way of listening very deeply and for choosing the right oils to work with to support the next step in the journey. Every time I’ve had a session, things have shifted dramatically...it is like magic ;) I’m always surprised at just how much a consultation with her can uplift my spirit. Protip - neroli and rose hydrolat sprays are so great for clearing away a stressful day, I’ve been using them for years (especially in the summer) I also highly recommend getting a reiki session, super powerful! 💖 I’m so grateful to receive guidance from Katie and the oils over the past few years. Thank you!

Julie L.

Katie is an amazing person. She takes time to make sure you are not just purchasing Essential Oils, but getting the ones you really need for any issues or ailments. She is extremely knowledgeable and caring. We spent several hours messaging back and forth online and even after I received my order, she checked in to see if i had questions and offered some great tips for my chronic migraines, sleep issues, colds and more. And I know the Oils are coming from a great place and blessed with wonderful energy. You can't go wrong, ordering from Katie! I highly recommend her site.

Sarah C. 

Katie's extensive experience and training, along with intuitive abilities allow her to connect with you beyond common aromatherapy usage. Katie has the ability to draw out what is below the surface and what is the root of your issues. She believes that what needs to surface will arrive when it's ready. We can be very gentle with ourselves even when doing difficult work, simply by allowing the space for it to happen. Katie meets you where you are, and guides you through your next steps. Katie honors your path, and allows you to explore it. 

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